Chrono Trigger Original Artwork By Akira Toriyama

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19.Oct.14 1 day ago
19.Oct.14 1 day ago


the rich white boy is 100% scarier than the clown like honestly I’m not even making a white boy joke like this character is scaring me more than the damn clown

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Goodbye trapgut :(

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Robert Pattinson watching FKA Twigs perform at  La Maroquinerie, Paris - October 14th 2014

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FKA Twigs performing at The Dancehouse, Manchester

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please be patient with me

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Me sexting my English girl

  • Me: what we finna do later
  • Girl: oi im gonna gobble your knob and bollocks
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El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

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"Yeah but what’s your birth name???" lmao nice try, kira

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